Dear Students,

It has been decided that advisor approvals for the registration of the fall semester of 2021-2022 academic year are carried out in a way that does not make the advisors and the students interact face-to-face. With this regard, a button labeled "Request Registration Approval" has been added to the interactive registration interface. During the registration for fall semester, our students will be able to add the courses they want to take and finalize the registration process by clicking on this button so that the request for approval along with the list of the added courses is sent to the Advisor Approval Program. Students who do not request advisor approval by using the "Request Registration Approval" button will not be able to get advisor approval.

By viewing Advisor Approval Program, the advisors will be able to see the students requesting approval and approve the requests without the need for the students' passwords. An email that will inform the students that the approval has been done (with the following message: Your registration has been approved: "Kayıt Onayınız Yapılmıştır") will be sent to the students automatically.

When the advisor needs to contact the students about the issues related with the registration, s/he can click on the button "Request Correction" in the Advisor Approval Program interface. To do so, s/he will send an email titled "Registration approval correction". In this case, the student will need to make the necessary corrections and send a request for approval again. At the end of this process, the students will have finalized the registration and the registration approval without having to contact their advisors in person.

Our students need to be in contact with their advisors while handling the issues related with the registration and the approval processes. In order not to experience any problems and inconvenience, it is essential that this change in the registration process be kept in mind. Our students need to make sure that, within the registration approval period, they have received the email (stating: "Your registration has been approved") which is sent automatically.

Interactive registrations will be done by

On the first day of the registration process, the advisor approval program will open at 10:00. Students must contact their advisors about the courses which they will take before registering.

When it is required to make a change on the registration program after getting the advisor approval in the registration or add-drop period, it is necessary to contact the advisor to cancel the previous approval and to get a new approval after making the changes.

Students will be able to register step by step on the first day of registrations. Registration hours by years are as follow:

Beginning from 9:00: 4th-year students

Beginning from 10.00: 4th and 3rd-year students

Beginning from 11:00: 4th, 3rd, and 2nd-year students

Beginning from 12.00: 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st-year students

Beginning from 13:00: Graduate, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st-year students

Registration and advisor approval program will be closed at 17:00 at the last date of registration.

You can use this link for further information.

We wish you wellbeing and success.

*Students who are obliged to pay tuition fees, should make tuition fee payment at first, and then they should carry out course the registration and advisor approval processes.

**Off-campus access to the registration program will not require VPN connection.

*** Interactive registration system will be open on and off campus at the same time.

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